Upcycled Piano String Into Bracelet

By Agy

Did you know pianos can be upcycled into more than just furniture pieces? What about jewelry?

Repairing Tool Handles With Recycled Plastic Bottles String

By Waldemar Sha

Repairing tool handles with plastic bottles string.

Flyrod Lamp, Armoire & Trees: All from Trash to Treasure

By Neokentin

The lamp use to be one of my favorite fishing rods…. now it’s one of my favorite lamps. It turns off and on by reeling it in. The boards were […]

Diy: Plastic Bottles Turned into String

By Neokentin

An inventive Russian has figured out how to turn manually old plastic bottles into string! After “unraveling” a single plastic bottle, he made several yards of a strong plastic filament, which he then uses […]

Recycled Old Piano Parts Ilap Guitar

By Neokentin

I made this 6 string lap guitar using the wood and tuning pins from a 100 year old piano that was heading to the dump. I took all the wood, […]

String Snowman

By Neodim

What a cute tiny repurposed snowman made only with string & repurposed buttons.

Fun and Sleeping Place for Your Pet

By Neokentin

String Lamp

By Neokentin

This lamp is made from reused cardboard tube and string with discarded pipette tips ! Designer: Stephanie Baca and Jorge Colon ++ Found on reDiscover Center Flickr !

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