Repairing Tool Handles With Recycled Plastic Bottles String

Restoring old tools is another of my hobbies and at these time, I want to show how you can make new grips for some old pliers os similar tools using plastic bottles string and a couple of scraps of leather. If you want to know how to make a string out of plastic bottles, Google “plastic bottle string cutter.” So, in fact everything is simple: cut leather into size, soak it with water to make more stretchy, make holes and lace pieces around the handles with the string. But here’s a trick: PET plastic is heat-shrinkable and if you put your pliers (when the lacing is done) into boiling water for a few seconds (I used water from a kettle wich was nearly enough), the string will shrink and tighten up the lacing. You can use hot blowgun if you have one. Pull your tool from the water, let it dry completely, oil it and here you have it. You can use various lacing types (btw here’s cool Youtube channel with tutorials) placing them either inside or outside the tool for better grip and protection (as a tool, because plastic is durable).

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Great idea,will be trying soon.Easy to follow tutorial.

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