1930’s Suitcase Boombox

By Anthonysbeatsboombox

How many of you have an old suitcase covered in dust in your garage or that of your grandparents but, due to attachment you can’t part ways? And then there some of you who couldn’t wait to drop off that old suitcase at your local goodwill. Well, either way Anthony will find that old suitcase and turn it into a traveled piece of up cycled piece art that pairs as a new traveling companion and an instant party starter. He creates portable, rechargeable multi functional boomboxes from mainly suitcases but also trunks, tool chest and more. His creativity is inspired by his desire to bring back the old-school type of fun where people just dance and have fun anywhere. As a kid he discovered his talent out of the lack of being able to afford a store bought boombox. His natural ability excited people with the clear crisp sounds and creative way of taking something old and making it new.

Poltrigia The Suitcase Armchair / Poltrigia La Poltrona Valigia

By Neokentin

Poltrigia comes out of an old cardboard suitcase that has captured the world turning inside. Poltrigia viene fuori da una vecchia valigia di cartone che girando ha catturato il mondo […]

Vintage Suitcase Table Made From A Retro Suitcase And Legs Found In The Hard Rubbish

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

I found a retro suitcase and legs from a the hard rubbish to make a suitcase table. If you like it, please have a look on our page to see our […]

Coffee Table Suitcase

By Diane

This coffee table is a unique creation ! Feet are in retro brass repaint and varnish, the wooden frame is also varnish, the plate is glass, the old suitcase is […]

Upcycled Vintage Luggage Chair

By Baconroll Handmade

Discarded vintage suitcases are given a second life by turning them into a fully-functioning chair.

Chair Made With Vintage Suitcase

By Neokentin

Suitcase of my wife when I was in preschool that I reused to make this chair with an old bar stool.

Vintage Hotel In Barcelona

By Neodim

Let me present you the Chic and basic Ramblas hotel in Barcelona!

Vintage Suitcases Into Tables

By Neodim

Vintage suitcases are transformed into tables by Un joyeux foutoir! Love the modern design they give as well as the dipping for the feets.

Suitcase Pet Beds Made from Vintage Suitcases

By Neokentin

I make pet beds from recycled vintage suitcases. These suitcase beds also uses recycled wood I found that a cabinet company was throwing out to make the base. The paint […]

Samsonite Wood Vintage Suitcase

By Neokentin

Hand finished (refinished wood) Vintage Suitcase with yellow floral silk print lining.

Suitcases Turned into Miniature Homes

By Neodim

Nice work by Bo Christian Larsson

Cat Bed From Upcycled Suitcase

By Neodim

We already featured cat beds from suitcases or tables, but this one is really for aristocrat cats.

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