Suitcase Drumset

By Neokentin

Take an old suitcase and a kids size drum set and cut a hole in the suitcase to fit the bass drum. Cut the drums to fit inside each other […]

Upcycled Suitcases Into Shelves

By Neodim

Here are the things I needed for this project: Vintage suitcases 1×10 wood Painter’s tape and scrap paper (for templates) 2 1/2” screws (big ones) 3/4” screws (little ones) Level […]

Recycled Vintage Suitcase Made into Unique Pet Bed

By Neokentin

How fun is this for your pet! Great for your cat to feel comfy cozy in. I used a vintage 40’s suitcase to make a cool place for your pet […]

Portable Stereobox

By Neokentin

I´m a Belgian photographer and graphic designer. I would like to share a collaborative community magazine we just started. It stands for social and environmental discovery by innovation, art, projects, […]

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Into Side Table

By Neokentin

Once upon a time I lived in California. While living there, I made a suitcase table. Not only did I love it but I often received compliments on it from […]

Suitcase Chairs

By Neodim

Rusty old suitcases take on a new life as comfy chairs. Many designs following the link ! Recyclart loves the work of Katie Thompson ! ++ Katie Thompson

Vintage Suitcases Furnitures


There is a lot of ideas for re-using vintage suitcases for decorating and storing in your home. We quote a few ideas to use suitcases earning extra storage space while using […]

Upcycled Suitcase Sofa

By Neokentin

Xan and Pablo redesign furniture and objects from things found in the garbage, always with a little sense of humor and fun. Here is a simple suitcase sofa, an idea like […]

Boom Cases From Upcycled Suitcases

By Neodim

The BoomCase is a Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system that works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. The BoomCase will last 8+ hours on a […]

Urbn Hotel

By Neodim

URBN Hotels Shanghai is a boutique hotel set in the heart of shanghai’s downtown area. URBN, china’s first carbon-neutral hotel, has also used recycled and reclaimed local materials throughout his […]

Upcycled Suitcases Into Lamps

By Neokentin

++ Lampe Valise by Jo-Annie Larue

Gascases: Jerry Cans Into Suitcases

By Neodim

Ivorilla transforms Jerry Cans into surprising suitcases and DJ or business cases! Many colors are available. I wonder what happens if you try to take it as hand luggage in […]

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