5 Great Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas For This Halloween!

By Neokentin

Yes, my friends, Halloween is coming as Winter is coming :) and Halloween is the perfect period of the year to show to your friends and family you upcycling skills! […]

Halloween Monster Made From An Old Sweater & A Repurposed Tin Can

By Loisirette

A friend gave me an old sweater she wanted to get rid saying “see what you can do with it!“. It’s almost Halloween, and I had the idea of making […]

A Flower Pot With Recycled Sweater

By Ronja Lotte

Don’t buy new pots for flowers but instead sew covers for your pots out of sweaters that you can change any time depending on the colors of the plant, season […]

Recycled Sweater Art

By Neokentin

One-of-a-kind wearable art made from upcycled sweaters.

Hats From Recycled Sweaters

By Neokentin

We are the team Sewing Corporation from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We recycle woolen old vintage sweaters and sew hats of them. Also we take men’s shirts and make dresses of them.

Recycled Thrift Shop Finds Handcrafted Into Great Accessories

By Neokentin

Wool sweaters, leather garments, blankets or vintage ties, if I can find them in a thrift shop and they are made of beautiful fabric I will recycle them somehow!

Pumpkins Made Out Of Recycled Sweaters

By Neodim

Creative & easy project for Halloween.

Monster Stuffie Using Ugly Vintage Wool Sweater

By Neokentin

I found this ugly vintage wool sweater at the thrift store for $5. I then felted it then turned part of it into this monster stuffie – the face is […]

Reclaimed Yarn Yoga Mat Bag

By Neokentin

Have an old sweater, blanket or yarn thing lying around? Put it to use and create a carry bag for your yoga mat! Here are the details of my bag: […]

Sweater Made with Leftover Yarn

By Neokentin

Crochet sweater with long and short threads of leftover yarn.

Felted Sweater Socks

By Neokentin

Make boot-liner socks from sweater sleeves in under 15 mins ! ++ DIY instructions at Alaska Crafter !

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