5 Great Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas For This Halloween!

Yes, my friends, Halloween is coming as Winter is coming :) and Halloween is the perfect period of the year to show to your friends and family you upcycling skills! And, as the symbol of Halloween is clearly the pumpkin, we found for you five of the best ideas for creating an upcycled pumpkin for Halloween!

It’s upcycled pumpkin time! We love the idea of creating an upcycled pumpkin for Halloween. There are so many cool options! Looking at five different materials, we’ve rounded up our top 5 ideas for upcycled pumpkins.

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Sweater or Sock Pumpkins

These upcycled sweater pumpkins are very simple to do, and they look beautiful. For a bigger pumpkin use sweater sleeves and for a smaller pumpkin, use socks. (source: Hometalk & Whimsy’s Workshop)


Old Book Page Pumpkin

Yes, you can turn an old and unused book into an amazing upcycled pumpkin! (Source: BHG)


Burlap Pumpkins

These pumpkins were made with some old coffee bean burlap bags. (Source: Upcycle That)


Repurposed Wood Pumpkins

If you like to play with a jigsaw, these upcycled pumpkins are for you :) You can use any type of wood to make them, such as plywood or even recycled pallet wood. (Source: Finding Homes Farm)


Reclaimed Wind Turbines Pumpkins

Ok, these pumpkins are not made from a conventional material, but wind turbines are perfect to make original upcycled pumpkins! (Source: Hometalk)


So, which one of those five upcycled pumpkins are your favorites?

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Nancy @ http://www.pickingandflipping.com/
Nancy @ http://www.pickingandflipping.com/

Love them all but the burlap is my favorite. Thanks for the ideas!

Susan Whelan Doorley

Here we go girls Siobhán Todaro & Yvonne Kenny….another load of Halloween decos we’d love to make but probably never get around to finishing off!! I can just see it now….kids old jumpers, stuffed but left sitting on steps outside cos we couldn’t find that bit of stick or sew up the top all fancy like in the pic!!! ?

Yvonne Kenny

Lol we need to do our Halloween crafts at Easter maybe!!!!!?

Eileen Velasquez

Susie Mountjoy Tross …. I thought you might like to see this.

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