Tiki Time Clock

By JRClaiborn

A clock I created with Autocad, an etching laser, and a waterjet. It has LED backlighting with a remote garage battery. Made from junkyard plexiglass, foam, wiring, found LED’s, and […]

5 Minute Candlesticks

By Ronja Lotte

For years, I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or two Washi tapes myself, I never really knew what to […]

O Que Fazer Com Uma Fita Vhs Antinga? / Upcycled Vhs Coffee Table

By Maria Fernanda

Se você tem um monte de fitas VHS e não sabe o que fazer com elas, lá vai minha dica. Compre cola para plásticos e cole as fitas de modo […]

Customize Your Boxes with Washi

By yonolotiraria

Great idea!

Mark Khaisman Tapeworks

By Neodim

Ukrainian-born artist Mark Khaisman, who now lives and works in Philadelphia, is a ‘painter of light’ who creates stunning works of noirish beauty using little more than parcel tape, plastics […]

Diy: Transformed Clothes Pins

By yonolotiraria

Transformed clothes pins with washi tape.

Old School Cassette Tape Earrings!

By Neokentin

Because I am part of the last generation to have known them as main music transport – before CDs, mp3 and others; because they are rarely used anymore; because they […]

Baskets Made from Waste Polypropylene Strapping Tapes

By Neokentin

These baskets were made from waste polypropylene strapping tapes, the handles were made from strong paper tubes and some electric wire. At the bottom of the basket there is a […]

Recycled Shoes in Tube, Tire, Measuring Tape and Parachute Bag

By Neokentin

A day of delirium, she sent me a “post” on my Facebook page saying that he would be great if Jean-Marc Marron Rouge start to make recycled shoes. I found […]

Display Cassette Cases

By Neokentin

On my market stall, I needed something to display small items but, of course, wanted to use something others normally throw away. At this time I was constructing a cassette […]

Vhs Tape Installation

By Neodim

Test screen is one of the installation of Sjimmie Veenhuis with gathered VHS videotapes to create impressive sculptural works. ++ Via Junkculture ++ Veenhuis

Tape Measure Pouch Tutorial

By Neodim

I made this little zippered tape measure pouch to hold my super sharp scissors that I take to work for the Craft-at-Work challenge and though they might be a fun […]

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