by Marie-noëlle Legault

Old School Cassette Tape Earrings!

Because I am part of the last generation to have known them as main music transport – before CDs, mp3 and others;
because they are rarely used anymore;
because they are getting rarer
and because they have that little something that’s making us loving them, I had to make a tribute to the audiocassettes by pimping them to put them back on the game.

These tapes are carefully: equalized, opened, glued, cleaned and mounted on hooks for a distinctive rock look.

At the opening of a cassette it’s always a surprise to discover what colour is the ribbon, the center and the clip that holds the ribbon, there are a bazillion of styles!

These models of earrings are all part of the DJ Saved My Life collection on my Etsy shop.

If you want your earrings to be done with a specific music group cassette, you can send it to me and it’ll be my pleasure to do a customized order for you!





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