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Candlestick Made from Pallet Wood & Scrap

By Antoni

Small cubes candlesticks made of recycled wood pallets and metal scrap.

Painted Egg Shell Shards

By rubysilvious

Markers on tea-stained egg shell shards.

Teabag Papier Mache Bowls

By silvirub

Bowls made from used tea bags, printed with intaglio inks.

Diy Heart Tea Bags + Envelope

By Neokentin

Heart Tea Bags + Envelope for your Valentine’s day message to your love :)

Handmade Cards and Journals Using Recycled Paper

By Neokentin

I keep all kinds of paper used daily like receipts, toilet roll cores, milk cartons, church bulletins, paper bags etc and recycle them to make recycled paper. Then I use […]

Kara Moka, Kara Tea, Kara Moka Tribe

By Neokentin

For you, who love coffee & tea… made of carboard, coffee grounds, old coffee beans – roasted, roiboos tea remains – KARA by Kimarna – quickrei.com

Diy : Tea Cup Bird Feeder

By Neodim

I saw this idea at the flea market and couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Can you believe they were charging $10 each for these? Wow! ++RockiesCrafts

Legami Sospesi - Teabags Artist's Book

By Neokentin

Teabags paper is a so versatile material. I like giving another life to the used ones and experimenting the quality of this “paper” in my Art. This is one of […]

Tealights Of Teatins

By Neokentin

Do you have empty teatins hanging around in your cupboard? Remake them into tealights ;) I´ve washed and removed all labels. Then used a hammer and a nail and created […]

Teapots Flowers

By Neodim

A smart way for reusing old teapots!


By Neokentin

A nice cup of tea and a sit down…


By Neokentin

Handbag made of book cover and fabric decorated with tea bags.

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