Wall Decoration out of Upcycled Tea Light Cups

I love to make it cosy at home. As a stylist, I look for original items and I am an hands-on-lady. Creating! Hence, for making a lovely evening, I burn a lot of tea lights. One day I started saving them. Not knowing why yet, but I loved the form, the material, the shine, the metal and how I can shape them. Neighbours, family, Facebook friends save them for me too.

What triggered me? At home, I had a black and white poster that I had made more prominent by painting a wide (15 cm) dark edge around the picture. It wanted to replace the image and decided to paint the surface black.

I started to work with the aluminium cups after cleaning them of course. I found ways to press and form them. Without making a layout, I just started putting them on the black surface. And attached them. From what side you are standing, every time you see something different. The half round pressed metal cups are catching the light.

werkaandemuur Chips S4
werkaandemuur Chips S3
werkaandemuur Chips M1


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