Blackened Rustic Wood Stool

By Wastemedia

My blackened rustic stool was inspired by the wood I collected from my local beaches during beach clean sessions. One large part of a torn plank with two huge nails […]

Hardly Wasted Artworks: Photography on Recycled Timber

By Hardlywasted

Hardly Wasted Artworks. An original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography mounted onto a recycled/re-purposed piece of timber.

The ‘waste Less’ Rockin Chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop

By Neokentin

The ‘Waste Less’ chair by Hungarian Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is a unique and modern chair made from the waste remaining of reclaimed oak timber logs after being processed to wood beams. The […]

Old2new Designs: Recycled Furniture

By Neokentin

I am a Melbourne, furniture designer. At old2new I design and create unique pieces of furniture that stand out in a flooded furniture market. Using discarded metal and timber my […]

Safari Coffee Table With Stools Made From Upcycled Hardwood & Clear Wood

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

I made that great and unique table from recycled hardwood (was shelves for vegetables in a organic store), recycled pergola timber, and cloth shade from a off cut. The varnish was […]

Unique Modern Wall Art Frame From Upcycled Pallet Wood

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

It is a good way to make amazing wall deco with off cuts :). I used only pallets, and recycled timber from everywhere. I found the window frame and I made […]

Bench Made With Upcycled Laminated Timber

By ken kiemo

I made this bench with recycled wood found within a heap of pallets in Nairobi, Kenya. I made the top using 2inch by 2inch wood pieces glued together and the wood […]

Breakfast Bar Made With Pallets And Timber From Demolition Site

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

I made a breakfast pallet bar with upcycled pallets and timber I found on a demolition site.

Pallet, Timber, Rusty Boxes, And Paint From The Bin To Make A Great Table

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

I found Pallet, Timber, Rusty boxes, and Paint from the bin and an idea to make a great table.

Reclaimed Industrial Timber Coffee Table

By Neodim

My perfectly imperfect industrial chic coffee table made from 100 year timbers reclaimed from now defunct Milwaukee factory and paired with natural patina copper panels that weathered for 20 years. […]

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