Blackened Rustic Wood Stool

My blackened rustic stool was inspired by the wood I collected from my local beaches during beach clean sessions. One significant part of a torn plank with two huge nails still attached and four old fence battens from the many dairy farms situated along the coast of South Taranaki. These wooden remnants have been weathered and tumbled by the turbulent and elemental conditions and large volcanic rocks of the NZ west coast.

Made in the style of pioneer rustic furniture using mortise and tenon joints. The wood had been tumbled and sandblasted by the forces of nature but painted black using exterior acrylic paint and sealer by me. Some fine-tuning was required to ensure the stool was level, but after testing by my husband, we have found that it is capable of holding 95 kgs and sits level to be used as a stool or table.

Blackened Rustic Wood Stool 1 • Wood & Organic
Blackened Rustic Wood Stool 3 • Wood & Organic
Blackened Rustic Wood Stool 5 • Wood & Organic
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