Pine Nightstand Backed Using Corrugated Tin Panel


I made this Pine Nightstand with some standard 1×4″ tongue & groove pine boards. Additionally, I used a piece of corrugated tin roofing for the back and trimmed it with cedar. […]

Tutorial: Make Your Own Reused Tin Robot Easily

By gille monte ruici

A lower cost, without special technical, without welding, you can do it! .You just have to recover two oyster forks. It will be armed. In this case, the door handles […]

Vertical Garden with Coca Cola Cans

By Neokentin

Vertical garden made with recycled Coca Cola Cans!

Greeting Card / Gift

By Neokentin

Using a tin lid as frame and a 1.5L juice carton as envelope, you can make an original greeting card. And if you want to make it even more recycled, […]

Toilet Cistern Book Shelf

By Neokentin

Kenyan designer Evans Ngure has an enormous love for recycling, and this bookshelf clearly illustrates his weird and unique choice of material. This re-purposed cistern is suspended from the designers […]

Tin Crowns

By Neokentin

Transforming tin cans into tin crowns. Without a testimony or a message the transformation of tin cans into tin crowns is just another great idea. But God takes the broken […]

Recycled Lamps

By Neokentin

I make recycled lamps of tins, plastic and eggboxes.

Table Lamps

By Neokentin

Table lamps made out of tins & plastic tops and more tins…made by Elli D and Jannie Uitlander.

A Waste Metal Tin Into A Flower Vase

By Neokentin

The use of waste to something useful. Here I have made use of a waste tin to make a flower vase. I used newspapers as well as tissue papers to […]

Amazing Robots Made by Daphné Burge

By Neokentin

Created from vintage metal tins !

Recycled Tin Bracelet

By Neokentin

DIY idea: tin bracelet with crystal beads.

Pineapple Cafe Lights

By Neokentin

Made from recycled punched aluminium roofing material.

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