Pine Nightstand Backed Using Corrugated Tin Panel

I made this Pine Nightstand with some standard 1×4″ tongue & groove pine boards. Additionally, I used a piece of corrugated tin roofing for the back and trimmed it with cedar. I made a pull-out drawer and dry-brushed it all.

Upcycle unique products in different ways, like this Pine Nightstand that features corrugated tin roofing! Stain, paint or dry-brush your favorite finish and add any choice of hardware you prefer.

This Pine Nightstand could be used in a bedroom, living room or anywhere you need a great little side table.
I combined non-traditional elements to create this tongue-and-groove nightstand. This side table would be useful in a living room, office or bedroom!
This Pine Nightstand has tapered legs for a bit of elegance.
I cut the tongue-and-groove pine boards at angles to create the illusion of tapered legs.
This Pine Nightstand features a handy pull-out drawer.
Pull-out drawers are always handy for convenient places to stash items. Make one or more as you need for your nightstand.
This Pine Nightstand is trimmed out with cedar.
I added a simple drawer pull and trimmed the project with cedar.
Bright and cheery finishes can lighten the feel of furniture. This Pine Nightstand features a white-wash finish.
A dry-brushed finish makes the nightstand light and airy feeling.
Add corrugated tin roofing panels to create a rustic backdrop in your Pine Nightstand.
Corrugated tin roofing adds a unique twist to a simple piece of furniture.

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