15 Ideas of Cardboard Trains That Your Kids Will Love

By Neokentin

The advantage of cardboard over other materials is that it’s easy to upcycle. Cutting and folding the cardboard material is not hard, you can cut it to pretty any imaginable […]

11 Converted Guesthouses: Trucks, Caravans, Planes, Trains & Wagons to Rent on Airbnb

By Neodim

If you’re looking for one of a kind places to rent for your weekend or holidays, then you necessarily know Airbnb. At Recyclart, we love repurposed ideas, so here is a […]

Recycled Industrial Lighting by Back From The Dead

By Neokentin

Back From The Dead is based in the northeast of England. We create unique and unusual pieces from disgarded items. Each piece has a story and hopefully through the repurposing […]

Kid’s Train Made Out Of Recycled Barrels

By Neodim

This idea is so cool ! I don’t know where it was done, so if you have any information, please comment ! ++ Creativespotting

Volkswagen Wagon

By Neodim

Should be a commercial for VW !

1949 Sleeper Car Converted into Luxurious Home

By Neodim

++via Eco-friend

Train Bed & Breakfast

By Neodim

Located on the Controversy Farm in Hoogwoud (NL), the fun eco hotel compartments feature tons of vintage items recycled into new things.

Old Railway Car Transformed Into Orthodox Church

By Neodim

This old railway car from the Russian Railway Company was transformed into an Orthodox-Christian churches, original!

Old Train Wagon Bridge

By Ripe Green Ideas

An old train wagon put to good use in Georgia (ex-Soviet Union). How it got there, no one knows… ++ Ripe Green Ideas

Cardboard Train

By Neodim

This is not a useful recycling project, but it’s a nice artistic realization considering the size and the number of cardboards required to do this train engine. ++ Derelict train […]

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