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Urinal from Repurposed Gaz Bottles

By Neodim

This is certainly one of the most unconventional way to repurpose something : these urinals are made from repurposed gaz bottles ! Still, this installation work since it’s a part […]

Wc Cover

By Neokentin

I decided to use that WC’s cover, that i found at the street, as a canvas. Ballpen on plastic.

Upcycled Raincoat

By Neokentin

Plastic Bags upcycled to make a water resistant coat. Fused with an iron and parchment paper.

Bloo Metal: The Waving Wall of Chalkwell

By Neokentin

HOLDUP* present its latest installation exhibited in Southend-on-Sea, further East of London, UK. This is HOLDUP’s first collaboration with BLOO NATION*, an association investigating “embedded water,” i.e., our hidden water […]

Toilet Vhs: Which Movie Will You Choose?

By Neodim

Which movie would you choose?

Hose Cactus

By Neodim

These cactus, are the work that Brian Jewett did before he left Los Angeles 4 years ago. Water is becoming a huge issue in the western US as it is […]

Toilet Seat Waterfall

By Neodim

Located in South China’s Gunagdong Province, this waterfall is made from thousands of recycled toilet seats, urinals, and sinks. It is about 100 meters long and 5 meter tall. This […]

Toilet Seat Mirror

By Neodim

Just a funny idea by Resign ! ++Resign

Diy: Paper Rolls Wall Art

By Neodim

Really easy to do. You may expend the pattern in to an organic cell growth. The challenge is when to say STOP. ++ More instructions


By Neodim

The P-tree is a concept trying to imagine toilets more natural during happenings, festivals, … ++Sam van Veluw

Rolls Rabbits

By Neokentin

The rabbits are made from toilet paper and rolls, old clothes. ++ Schaufensterdekoration ++ NAtsuyo KOizuMI

Regulator Water Heater Pipe Lamp

By Neokentin

Regulator water heater pipe into a lamp.

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