by Brian Jewett

Hose Cactus

Hose Cactus 1 • Recycled Art

Hose Cactus 2 • Recycled Art

Hose Cactus 3 • Recycled Art

Hose Cactus 4 • Recycled Art

Hose Cactus 5 • Recycled Art

Hose Cactus 6 • Recycled Art

These cactus, are the work that Brian Jewett did before he left Los Angeles 4 years ago. Water is becoming a huge issue in the western US as it is in many places around the globe. He felt the use of a garden hose with the iconic image of the cactus set up a very powerful conversation between form and material that addresses many issues of water waste and conservation. Cactus is of course, a strong symbol of both lack of water and careful water conservation at the same time. The spines even speak to the rather prickly and defensive nature of the topic. On the materials side, the garden hose speaks to the rampant waste of water by resorts and home owners by trying to impose laws on the very environment the cactus comes from. The valve handles represent the many choices to conserve or waste that we all make every day. As a little bonus surprise, when you look straight down into the cactus you find a drain at its center that reminds us that scarce and valuable water is getting away from us and going down the drain on a daily basis.

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Fun and excellent at the same time ! Congratulations Brian!

Jan D.
Jan D.

My first thought was is was a sprinkler system. Not sure that goes with the concept but maybe there’s something there to be developed into a way to destribute recyled water to water a venue. I know a church, golf course and county project that do that.
These could look like plants on the grounds.

Well constructed idea that could be further developed

Bill Thomson

Love the cactus sculptures! Smart and creative reuse of materials with a ecological inference attached. Congratulations Brian!

Sobaka Kachalova via Facebook
Sobaka Kachalova via Facebook

very cool))

יעל דלת


Logan C Michels
Logan C Michels

I love it. My first thought was I want them to put in my yard . They have a statement. Look great and better yet they dont need watering. Great job

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