Recycled Earrings

By Neokentin

Three styles of different ear loop! With zipper, with negative film, etc… Tutorials are in French (follow the link below).

Puffy Side Pocket Clutch

By Neokentin

This clutch bag is made from denim trousers and vintage table cloth. Tutorial available at sneezerville website.

Necklaces Zipper

By Neokentin

Necklaces made of recycled zipper.

Recycled Accessories by Tmtreats

By Neokentin

TMtreats are accessories made of all kinds of recycled materials, plastic bags, jumbo posters, fabrics from our grandmothers and old zippers. With various combinations of shapes, choices of different materials, […]

Diy: Hose Basket

By Neokentin

Got an old hose pierced lying around in your garage, you can make a basket with a hose and zip ties !

Diy Zipper Bracelet

By Craft and Fun

Bracelet made ​​with recycled zip !

Yama Wear the Music!

By Neokentin

YAMAtm : the original idea The first YAMAtm were sewn during a craft market at the Bilancino lake near Florence (Italy) using two 10” vinyl records and some leather. Slowly […]

Upcycled Zipper Brooches for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Neokentin

Pink and white zipper flower brooch/hair clip, with upcycled vinyl faux leather leaves. This cute little flower brooch was once three second hand zippers. They have been cut and stitched […]

Repurposed 1970’s Zips

By Neokentin

Is it junk or is it an opportunity? My mother was a seamstress and would love to sew. When she passed away in 1989 I kept all her haberdashery with […]

Vintage Decor Made From Discarded Zipper’s

By Neodim

These decor items are made using vintage zippers in a variety of ways. The jars and vases incorporate many colors and textures to make unique and stunning display pieces. Amalia […]

Vintage Zipper Necklaces

By Neodim

Necklace made with vintage zipper slides in pool-inspired colors ! Found here on FlickR

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