by Chiara Tafner

Yama Wear the Music!

YAMAtm : the original idea

The first YAMAtm were sewn during a craft market at the Bilancino lake near Florence (Italy) using two 10” vinyl records and some leather.

Slowly we have improved our skills and project making the bags vmore confortable and safe adding a closing zipper and a small pocket inside.
From this first model we start making bags for specific needs: the YAMAmusic for Dj’s headphones, the YAMAsound for cds, the toiletries YAMAlady and the beautiful YAMAdandy made exclusively by wonderful ties.

We start from here, form this mini series, but the materials to be recycled are a lot and the ideas will come to craft new different YAMAtm.

The materials
The YAMAtm are are made with recycled materials.

First scratched and unusable vinyl records, that we find aroud from friends and relatives.
Then the fabric, that goes from old blue jeans, to older velvet (taken from grandparents pants and coats), to leather and ecoleather that leather goods (so many in Florence) throw away after their processing.

Many other details of our bags are made with recycled materials as zips and buttons and used depending on availability.

Yama Wear the Music! 1 • Accessories

Yama Wear the Music! 2 • Accessories

Yama Wear the Music! 3 • Accessories

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