10 Amazing Upcycled Christmas Trees From All Around The World

Christmas is in few days, and we shared here some fresh and original Christmas Trees done by our reader with recycled & upcycled materials. Here is a selection of the most incredible and huge Christmas Trees we ever seen !

1. A Christmas Tree made from 5000 pieces of ceramic dishes & cups donated by residents (Hasselt, Belgium)


via recyclart.org

2. 11 meters high Christmas tree made from 365 sleighs (Budapest, Hungary)


via recyclart.org

3. Christmas tree made from 1750 upcycled plastic bottles (Niscemi, Sicily)


via recyclart.org

4. Christmas Tree Made from 40,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles (Kaunas, Lithuania)


via recyclart.org

5. Christmas tree built with 86 upcycled shopping carts (Emeryville, California)


via recyclart.org

6. Christmas tree made from 1000 bottles of beers (Shanghai, China)


via recyclart.org

7. Christmas tree made out of recycled office water containers


via recyclart.org

8. Christmas tree made from upcycled lobster traps (Rockland, Maine)

Lobster trap christmas tree

via examiner.com

9. Christmas tree made up of 100 recycled bicycle parts (Sydney, Australia)


via odditycentral.com

10. Christmas tree made from upcycled hubcaps (Arundel, Maine)

Hubcaps christmas tree

via Hemmings Daily

Did you find any other fantastic and original Christmas trees made from upcycled or recycled materials? Share them with us through the comments!

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Edgar de la Louvagerie

très sympas , et ingénieux , y a de l’idée à prendre !!

Sylvie Lecroq

très beau : j’en propose aussi un sur ma page…

Paula Coutinho

Criatividade!!!! Lindo!!!

Joia de Casa
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