10 Creative & Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Glass Bottles

Are you aware that billions of bottles are thrown away every year? Did you know that one recycled glass bottle can conserve enough energy to run a computer for around 25 minutes? If that’s not a reason for repurposing old glass bottles, know that there is an incredible range of glass bottles available on earth and luckily, no two varieties are similar. So you have myriads of ways to repurpose old glass bottles and here are some of the most interesting ways.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles into gorgeous lamps!

Carefully drill a hole and insert the plug, and fill your room with colors and shadows. A unique source of light indeed to add to a charming ambiance!

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles

Stunning Picture Frames are a terrific way to Repurpose Old Glass Bottles

Keep your precious memories beautifully bottled up! The Smartphone and the laptop are always there to take a look at your snaps whenever you want, but for once go for a change and be unique. Be more creative by crafting out themed bottles, such as shells in the bottle for a seashore photo.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles2

Glass Bottle Toothbrush Holder

Take a wine bottle, perfume bottle or any other glass bottle for that matter and simply cut the top portion. Your bottle is ready to be used as a toothbrush holder.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles3

Spray-painted Glass Bottle Vases

Just spray some paint on the exterior or pour some paint inside the bottle and you have a flower vase ready. Keep it at the dining table, at the corner of any room or at the center table.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles4
via I Spy DIY

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles into this outrageous Glass Bottle Bed

Now that’s extremely delicate as well as unique, but if you are a style freak, there’s nothing wrong in having a glass bottle bed. Enjoy a soothing and decorative sleep!

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles5

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Glass Bottle Planter

Add a charming appeal to your garden by suspending, hanging, planting or just placing old bottles in shade or sunlight, as you feel necessary. Fill the bottle with soil and seeds, and you have great planters.

10 Creative & Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Glass Bottles 6 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Help birds in the winter with these beautiful Glass Bottle Bird Feeders

Give your feathered friends a treat in the bottles, which once held some nice perfume or drink for you. They will definitely enjoy!

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles7

Glass Bottle Mosaic Centerpiece

You have a brilliant way to show your artistic bent of mind. Fix small mosaic pieces around old glass bottles and you have a captivating centerpiece for your living room.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles8

Glass Bottle Chandelier is an outstanding way to Repurpose Old Glass Bottles

If you have old colorful bottles, you are game for this. Beautify your room and make it more colorful with a glass bottle chandelier.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles9

Glass Bottle Serving Trays

For this, you need to slice the bottles into two halves. Place lemon, fresh spices or herbs in any half and serve.

Repurpose Old Glass Bottles10

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Serendipity Do Da Shop

A great idea for all the bottles I have acquired.

Ray Mary Jeffery

I refill them with wine again and again

ms match
ms match

i forgot about my bottle chimes, they filled up with water and froze and that was the end


That one looks like the bottles were flattened out in a kiln, not cut lengthwise. Really nice, though. My husband makes wine and we re-use bottles all the time, so he has a stash of empties. I can make something out of them. Yay, new project.

Linda in NJ
Linda in NJ
Reply to  GrannyK

I have melted wine bottles in my wood stove when its hot. I have flattened them out pretty good with not having a kiln.

Reply to  Linda in NJ

Very cool! We’d love to see some before/after shots! <3

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