10 Recycled Marine Mine Furniture’s

Here are 10 ideas of old marine mine recycling. Ok, it’s true that not everyone has an old marine mine at home to do some project with it but we should admit that people at MarineMine.com have a lot of creativity in reusing these relics of the past (and not a glorious one) into creative furniture with an industrial vintage touch! The frame of these art pieces is a historical deep-sea mine of AGSB-type, made in Russia in 1942. It was a big galvanic deep-sea mine used to fight submarines, equipped with “Blok” device and two contact electro-magnetic antennas. The upper antenna was kept steady by a buoy. It was still manufactured in the 50-ies. The author and designer of the Marinemine furniture’s are Mati Karmin.

Table of Contents

Baby carriage

This Baby carriage consists of an entire mine-shell that has been placed on a chassis of an antique hand-stroller. The hand-stroller is also a relic as it dates back to the last century. Even with a weight of 80 Kg, this baby carriage rolls off surprisingly easy.



A cylindrical central part from the regularly-dimensioned mine-shell has been removed, making it a perfectly spherical form. Authentic illuminators (from old ships) with bronze, brass, and heat resistant glass are used as doors for the fireplace.


Davenport table

This table is made of two complete mine-shells, which are aligned vertically and symmetrically, resting on their circle bases. Between them, there is a cylindrical mine-shell piece which has a drawer in it. On both sides, in both vertically aligned mine-shells, there are two drawers moving on ball bearings. All the modules are merged together by a massive polished granite desktop.


Coffee table

Tempered glass sheet with polished edges has been placed on a lengthwise halved mine-shell. The legs are made of steel mock-ups of detonation horns.



The sides of the bed are made of merged mine shells. The bottom of the bed is made of caprine band, which gives it the needed elasticity.



The extended form of the bathtub is achieved by adding cylindrically cut pieces from mine-shells to the regularly-dimensioned mine-shell. Extended steel detonator mock-ups are used as legs for the bathtub.



Three hemispheres made of mine-shell have been added downwards to an entire mine-shell. Detonator mock-ups made of plexiglass are used as light bulbs. In every detonator, there is a halogen light, which makes the chandelier a really good flood lamp.



An elliptical hole has been cut into the mine-shell. A metal strip is welded on the edge of the cut for thickening and padding. The seat base of the chair is made of caprine bands which are attached to welded loops.


Bar cabinet

The mine-shell is cut vertically to be placed on the wall. Doors are made of metal net or glass. Shelves are of glass, metal or granite.


Pöördtool – Retro

Made of two hemispheres of a mine shell. The lower hemisphere forms a base on which the upper hemisphere can be smoothly rotated with the help of ball-bearing.


And because an eleventh project is necessary :) here is a mine swing!

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where do you get these mines from?? love one in the garden

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That furnace is really quite something.

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Andreas Gröbel

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