10 Weird Christmas Trees Made Using Alternative Materials

You don’t have to buy a tree. Instead, make a tree using upcycled or recycled materials like these 10 Christmas Trees! Make a tree that is as unique and diverse as you are!

10 Christmas Trees Made Using Alternative Materials:

#1: Cheer-filled Holiday Tree

One of the top 10 Christmas Trees guaranteed to bring some cheer - a Jack Daniels tree made from the barrels that they age Jack Daniels alcohol in.
This tree is made using Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels stacked into a tree shape.

#2: Godzilla Tree

Christmas Trees can be fanciful like this Godzilla tree seen in Tokyo.
Oh, no! Look out, Tokyo!

#3: A Baby Tree

Christmas Trees can be costumes like this little baby wearing a warm, christmas-tree shaped jumper.
There’s something so lovely about a living tree. *snickers*

#5: Giant, inflatable tree-shaped sculpture

Christmas Trees can be inflatable sculptures. Too bad this one happens to look like an 80-foot tall butt plug.
It’s SUPPOSED to be a tree sculpture. That’s ALL you see, correct? Perhaps this is a political statement?

#6: Imperial Christmas Tree

One of the most creative Christmas Trees we've seen - turn a tree on its side and it becomes an Imperial Star Destroyer!
May the holiday Force be with you.

#7: Truck Tire Tree

Christmas Trees don't have to be from real trees - like this Truck Tire Tree!
A way to turn dirty, worn tires into something that’ll make you smile!

#8: Upcycled Plastic Bag Tree

10 Weird Christmas Trees Made Using Alternative Materials 7 • Home & décor

#9: Cthulhu Tree

You can share your divergent tastes and make an ususual themed Christmas Trees idea like this cthulhu tree!
Release the Kraken…er…Cthulhu! This tree embraces the creator’s personal tastes and adds humor to the holidays.

#10: Leftover Wrapping Paper Tree

Christmas Trees can be wall art like this wrapping paper tree.
We all have those bits of beautiful paper, and we save that one half-curl for a “little present” that never materializes. Upcycle those leftover scraps into a cute DIY tree for your wall!

Turn a suitcase into a chair!

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