13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art

Recycling is popular nowadays, that is, the production of new products from used goods doomed to the trash. In the world, people have formed an innovative new direction in art. For example, cool objects can be made out of old furniture. Also, some companies use used leather sports equipment to produce fashionable handbags. You can find lots of examples of creative recycled art, so let’s consider some of them.

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Floating park in Rotterdam

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 1 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from Rotterdam.info

The 140 m² miniature parks in Rotterdam is entirely made from recycled plastic found in rivers. Built of hexagonal blocks filled with soil and grass, the park is useful not only for people, but also for the ecosystem of the river, because snails, worms, beetles, and other insects can live and eat here.

The idea for the project belongs to the Recycled Island Foundation. In order to accumulate the required amount of waste for the construction of a floating park, the association established special traps in the rivers, which contain a collection of garbage that has floated through for over a year and a half.

Recycled coffee cups

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 3 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from Kaffeeform

Every day, millions of coffee houses around the world throw out tons of unnecessary coffee grounds. Berlin-based startup Kaffeeform decided to end this practice and began producing reusable cups from recycled coffee waste.

The project’s ideologist, Julian Lechner, collects coffee grounds leftover from a working day in Berlin coffee houses. Then, he combines the waste with natural glues and wood particles to produce a homogeneous liquid, from which cups are then molded under pressure. The resulting coffee cups can be used many times and washed in a dishwasher.

In addition to classic cups with a handle and an espresso saucer, Kaffeeform created large cappuccino cups and even coffee cups which you can take outside to keep the use of plastic and paper containers to a minimum.

Raincoats from recycled plastic bottles

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 5 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from kickstarter.com

Wellington is one of the rainiest cities in the world. The creators of the New Zealand brand of waterproof outerwear Okawa, Nevada and Nick Leckie, were inspired by the climate of their hometown, and then decided to thank it and contribute to saving the ecosystem. The company has launched a capsule collection of raincoats made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. In total, the collection includes three women’s and three men’s raincoats of bright blue, beige, and black. Now a raincoat can be ordered on the Kickstarter website, and at the same time, you can support the brand’s crowdfunding campaign.

Children’s furniture made from recycled toys

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 7 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from ecobirdy.com

The Antwerp design bureau ecoBirdy has released a collection of children’s furniture made from recycled toys. The collection includes a chair, which is created in several colors, a table, an unusual cupboard in the form of a bird, and a cute night lamp in the shape of a rhino. All pieces of furniture were created using clean and waste-free production; in addition, they are 100% safe for children.

In total, designers plan to recycle 250 kg of old plastic toys, because unnecessary toys thrown away pollutes the planet in the same way as used plastic bags, bottles, and other inorganic garbage.

Tetra Pak recycled pop-up cafe

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 9 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from dezeen.com

During the Manhattan Design Fair WantedDesign, the Finnish Cultural Center, together with Nolla restaurant and Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Linda Bergroth, built the pop-up cafe Zero Waste Bistro. It is made from 100% recycled plastic from food packaging.

The panels from which the bistro walls, table, and chairs were made consist of used plastic packaging from milk and juice. Some of them even have traces of bar codes and fragments of text.

Recycled plastic bottle carpets

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 11 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from afar.com

The small Brooklyn online home goods store Aelfie also decided to keep up and released a collection of bright geometric carpets from recycled bottles. These carpets are good for both at-home use and outdoors.

Having collected a large number of used plastic bottles, the designers made the synthetic fibers from carpets. The mats turned out to be very bright and unusual and, despite the fairly hard fibers, soft and comfortable to use.

Silk chairs

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 13 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from design-milk.com

Designer Meb Rure knows how to use textile waste – she is good at making furniture from scraps of silk. She makes armchairs, chairs, and ottomans. The designer uses American oak as the basis of the furniture and makes the upholstery of a sponge, which she covers with pieces of Nepalese silk – different scraps that can’t be used in the textile industry. This type of silk is known not just for its quality, but also for its vivid colors.

Sneakers from plastic waste

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 15 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from virtualshoemuseum.com

Three designers from London created a line of sneakers made from recycled plastic waste. “Everything You Buy Is Rubbish” is the name of this project. The garbage used for this collection was collected along the banks of the River Thames, the English Channel, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Afterward, the garbage is smelted and used to make their bright sneakers. The aim of this project is to prevent environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

Benches made from Mobile Phones

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 17 • Recycled Art

A few years ago, benches made from mobile phones were installed in the center of Tallinn. As part of a project organized then by Elisa, Nokia, and Elektroonikaromu, residents of the city handed over 12,700 unused mobile phones. Subsequently, the phones were recycled, and ten park benches were made from the material and placed in the center of Tallinn. In addition to park benches, after recycling, for example, brass instruments, jewelry, children’s playgrounds, and medical equipment can be made from old phones.

Bags from coffee bags

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 19 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from Kickstarter.com

Hungarian designer Zachary Vinylaskey makes men’s bags from coffee bags. To launch production, he raised more than $4,000 at the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. The durable Malemaker bags, which are suitable for both trips and city walks, are made entirely from recycled materials. In addition to bags for transporting and storing coffee, instead of zippers, they use a belt and an aluminum frame that gives the product shape. The cost of a Malemaker bag is $190.

House of old windows

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 21 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from yellowtrace.com

An American couple – photographer Nick Olson and fashion designer Lilah Horwitz – built a house from old windows in West Virginia. The couple spent only $500 on construction. To create a home, they quit their jobs and jumped completely into the creative process. The old barn was taken as the basis for the back and sidewalls. The interior is made of recycled materials. The front facade made from windows lets a lot of natural light into the room, which reduces the need for artificial lighting. There is no running water inside the house, so the couple uses it as a summer house. The couple wanted to show, therefore, that from old things you can create a beautiful and inexpensive house.

Chair made from sawdust and bags

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 23 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from inhabitat.com

Designers Adi Spiegel and Keren Tomer make furniture and lamps from recycled sawdust and plastic bags. The shredded chips together with the polymer waste are placed in an aluminum mold of the required size and baked in a household oven. The most famous product of the Israeli brand Kulla is a stool. The seat is baked wholly, after which the legs are screwed to it. Chairs, lamps, and utensils are available in several color options depending on the original color of the polyethylene.

Shorts made from plastic bottles

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art 25 • Recycled Art
The picture is taken from quicksilver.com

The surfer brand Quiksilver has released a new model of AG47 shorts, which are made from recycled plastic. Each pair took about 11 PET bottles. The shorts are made at the Unifi factory using high-temperature laser cutting. This allows the production of seams without stitches, which means that the shorts will not rub the skin when worn. The model is presented in various color options on the official Quiksilver website, and costs from $55 to $125. Model AG47 was developed with the participation of world-famous surfers of the ASP World Tour championship.

How can we help the ecosystem?

If you want to change something, you should always start with yourself. We have gathered some tips to help people improve the environment and make our planet cleaner.

  1. Separate the trash. Even if you don’t have separate containers yet in your yard, they are definitely nearby somewhere. Find the nearest separate waste collection point near you and take the waste accumulated during the week there.
  2. Install hot and cold water meters. This will help you to save water and turn it off when you, for example, brush your teeth.
  3. Save paper.
  4. Walk more often, use public transport if possible, or ride a bicycle in the warm months.
  5. Do not use disposable tableware, otherwise sooner or later it will become part of the garbage island.
  6. Go to the store with your fabric bag. Cellophane bags accumulate in an unnecessary mountain at home and are not always disposed of correctly.
  7. Buy local products. Imagine how much fuel it took to deliver exotic fruits to your country.
  8. Do not throw away old clothes, bedding, and other fabric items, but hand them in for recycling or to thrift stores. Great new things can be made out of them.
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