2017 Karaoke Torii Interactive Public Sculpture

We made our 2017 Karaoke Torii Interactive Public Sculpture equipped with Bluetooth receivers, microphone jack, and (low-level) white noise. Materials used: 300 recycled loudspeakers.

This Interactive Public Sculpture becomes a tourist attraction!

We made the previous sculpture Shrine for the Kobe Biennal in 2014. Members of Green Valley Kamiyama Artist in Residence took the sculpture apart and transported it to Kamiyama. The artist was invited to rebuild it as a permanent sculpture, including concrete foundations & protective paint. We completed the project with the assistance of a local electronics expert (Minori Yamashita)! Karaoke Torii has become a tourist attraction: people come from as far as Osaka to play their messages and songs through it.

Interactive Public Sculpture1

Interactive Public Sculpture2

Interactive Public Sculpture3

Interactive Public Sculpture4

Interactive Public Sculpture5

Interactive Public Sculpture6

Interactive Public Sculpture7

A unique creation and interactive artwork expose people to artist’s vision in a different way. Here’s another Sculpture to keep you thinking!


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