7 Decorative Uses for an Old Broken Chair

Etsy.com is probably the most famous site for buying and selling vintage and handmade items. Knick Of Time had some great utilitarian objects in their Etsy shop, mainly made from the back parts of old chairs. Maybe you cannot find them anymore, but you can get inspired by the general idea and try to transform your old worn wooden chairs into utilitarian objects, giving them new life.

  1. The back of a chair in a relatively straightforward and classic design turned into a bulletin board by adding a piece of wood painted with blackboard paint! The ravages of time are apparent and constitute a decorative element.
  2. Varnish in shades of red, the back of the chair and adding only one piece of wood in natural color, you can turn it into a mini shelf.
  3. The beautiful vintage fabric on the chair back, and carving on wood, created by adding an “antique” hook, this beautiful hanger.
  4. By adding fabric ribbon to the back of an ordinary chair, you can transform it into a romantic country chic style decorative piece.
  5. Use the addition of fabric depending on the style you want to create. And, by printing design, you can provide different styles of decorative pieces, like the retro style of an old typewriter printing fabric.
  6. Adding a metal box in the back of the chair in combination with the beautiful “finishes” of the wood, you can create a romantic country shelf for any interior or exterior room.
  7. The back of a chair can “stand” turned upside down, with the addition of a banner of paper or fabric, you can create a decorative element for entry or the center of the table.
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 3
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 2
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 6
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 4
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 1
7 decorative uses of an old broken chair 5


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