Adopt A Bot

Through Adopt-A-Bot, you can give a chance to an adorable robot, made from recycled elements, enriching your environment with style and saving an astonishing variety of metal pieces from a future of landfill. Designer, Brian Marshall, create these little creatures from metal parts that in his words “refused to die“.  When he made his first robot a few years ago, he knew he had found his real passion! We love these little robots that are so fun and creative, have a look:

Adopt A Bot 1 • Recycled Art
Adopt A Bot 2 • Recycled Art
Adopt A Bot 3 • Recycled Art
Adopt A Bot 4 • Recycled Art

Do you want to become an adoptive parent too? Go to Brian’s Etsy shop and checked out his Flickr page where all the photos are taken from. Also, you can contact Brian and make your application for adoption to him directly.  If you have a different Robot in mind, Brian will search his basement for the right parts and create it for you.


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Layna Sadler
Layna Sadler

oh, my god they are so cuuuuuute!

I have a special request for you… would brian mind terribly if i feature something very similar in my upcoming recyclepunk fantasy novel? there is a scene set in a junk yard and I would love to populate it with piecemeal automata that just won’t die. I don’t want to offend anyone though. I mean you might be reading or watching tv one day and say to yourself, hey, i recognise those guys, they look an awful lot like my bots. then again, there could be some good publicity in that!

Julie King

imaginobot -fantastic

Cenkay Yılmaz

Curie buna bak

Helle Laas

Eriti meeldivad proteesid!

Pascale Bosboeuf

Beau ! Rien Ne Se Perd

Kusnin Tan

Om Ahong

Mihaela Roman Ursescu

Ich liebe Recycling Art.

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