Alcohol Burner From Aluminum Can & Glass Jar (Diy)

Ok. First of all, you’ll need a bottom of an aluminum can and a glass jar that fits in it as much as possible (the one I used is pretty much standard here where I live. Punch two holes in the can bottom and insert metal eyelets. The one on the side is for filling outlet and the mushroomy piece of the rivet on the photo is the plug. The one in the center is for the wick. To install it put metal eyelet from behind and widen it’s tubular part to keep it in place (not the most convenient method but it is what I came up with at this moment). Then put the mopwick® into there (too much English for one day) and apply sealant. I don’t know what will work best I had the only one you can see in the photo. Put pieces together and let the sealant dry. To make a leather band, I took the ugliest piece of leather strap I could find and asked the nearest drunken monkey to put some holes in it so that I could sew it through. Then I made a loop of it by riveting the ends. I like to make this little pear-shaped handle so that you can hold the whole thing without burning your fingers. The loop should fit snugly on the rim of the can and hold in place just by itself, but some glue can be useful. I took the burner outside to make sure it’s won’t blow up putting everything around in fire and agony. It doesn’t. It’s nice little burner, and you also can use it as Molotow’s cocktail in case of zombie apocalypse (just be careful).

DSCF5620 copy

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