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Hello Recyclart readers and contributors!

We have been contacted by the company HYVE that organises the ScrapLab Design Contest, a contest that sould be of interest for some of you !

You will find below their message :

Make Art. Not Waste: The ScrapLab Design Contest seeks to find innovative and sustainable designs made of scrap. The objective is to recycle waste materials in the form of new products such as furniture, accessories or artwork and to bring them back into the economic circle. It addresses professional designers, design students and amateur designers as well as everyone else from all around the world who is interested in how to recycle waste materials. Besides, participants can also actively take part by voting for the best designs of other members or commenting on submissions and leaving messages. The contest will end on September 18th, 2011 and the prizes for the best designs amounting up to 2.000€! It is a non-profit project that aims at using the principles of crowdsourcing and co-creation in order to promote social innovation for a better world and the protection of the environment.
If you find the contest exciting, please visit the website and join our contest.

So, if you are interested, you can go to ScrapLab Design Contest website to participate and try to win! By the number of interesting contributions we receive, I’m sure that  some of our contributers have a chance to win! Good Luck!

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