Paintings Made From Old Toys & Buttons

By Neokentin

Hilary is a painter, hoarder, goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys. Her medium of choice is junk drawers. It all started harmlessly enough when her youngest son broke toys […]

Hot Air Balloon Ornament From Found Objects

By Neokentin

This simple project repurposes a maraca and a thimble to make a stylish ornament that you can give or keep!

Frauenlob – Object From Tim Nebel

By Tim Nebel

“Frauenlob” (2014 – 15 x 35 x 10 cm) : Made from electric socket, carpet, porcelain-fuse, handle, turntable-pickup arm, light switch cover, metal plate and stud.

Design Et Sculpture Par Kalbut Dsgn / Design and Scupture by Kalbut Dsgn

By Neokentin

Kalbut dsgn is a collective of two designers that combines fun and provocative. Working in the product design as graphic design or sculpture, they transform each recovered object into an […]

Design is funny with diverted objects

By Neokentin

Gilbert Legrand is a visual artist-designer sensitive to the design of diverted objects! He made this creative and fun series by the diversion of daily living objects such as faucets, […]

Found Object Moths And Butterflies

By Neokentin

This butterfly has a background made up of pages of an old cosmetology book mounted on a piece of plywood once used in the set for Anything Goes. The outside […]

Beach Objects Ceiling Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made of object found on the beach of Biarritz (France) !

Recycled Magazines Paper

By Neokentin

You can do many things with magazines paper. Here you have some examples: quilling boxes, picture frame and some coasters.

From the Ashes…

By Neokentin

VerdeFenice’s aim to retrieve objects of common use and give them a new life. The name comes from two major components: Green, who immediately calls attention to the environment and […]

Make Art : Not Waste

By Neokentin

Hello Recyclart readers and contributors! We have been contacted by the company HYVE that organises the ScrapLab Design Contest, a contest that sould be of interest for some of you […]

Retrain by Rubcn

By Neokentin

Retrain is a proposed reinterpretation of the waste with the aim of creating lasting and valuable objects, minimizing the environmental impact of the final product. The main idea is to […]

Repurposed Abstract Art

By Neokentin

I am a contemporary artist who enjoys experimenting with unique mediums and combinations that evolve into something earthy, weathered, and organic. I often incorporate objects into my paintings, giving new […]

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