by Oncle Birdie

Atelier 4/5

Atelier 4/5 is, in other words, design for everyone. Simple operations on old items found on the flee market are the basis of their craft. They indeed aim at giving a second life to objects having an interesting forms or texture. A bit of restoration can get a furniture or a lamp a second wind, but it is often the combination between the old piece and a contemporary touch that will give the contrast and bring forward the original item. By means of examples, fruit crates becomes a storage furniture, an old champagne case is the basic element for a low table, or then again an old dressing screen is transformed into a shelf.
Atelier 4/5 strives to re-use everything in the surrounding and creates unique pieces. Unpretentiously, they fight against the actual extreme consumption tendency and suggest a reflexion on our relationship towards material goods.

fruit crates storage furniture
champagne case vs low table
dressing screen vs shelf


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Oncle Birdie
Oncle Birdie

Interested in their work?!
Join the facebook page “Atelier 4/5”

Follow the link :

Atelier 4/5 via Facebook

To see more of our realisations, join our facebook page Atelier 4/5 or visit our website

Nikole Herasymiuk via Facebook
Nikole Herasymiuk via Facebook

love the folding screen shelves :)

mfeo via Facebook

<3 the shelves too!

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