Bike Cart


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Very funny concept !


very good

Green Olivia
Green Olivia



well …we all know how you get the odd dodgy trolley that fails to turn ..hope they ironed out this probelm!


Woooo, nice (and handy) piece for sure. At this very moment I’m in Belgrade, and without doubt I can tell you that in here the gypsies are the masters in the art of Bike (re)construction. Your pic made me think about getting some of their creations on my site soon. Keep up the good work…

Ginger Reshel

That’s funny! guess it would work, tho!

Marcie A Rosenzweig

Oops, not his property…

Joanna Hill Rumford

Charles Rumford you need one of these

Mary Llamas

Nos urge!!! Vlankestela Llamas

Simple DSLR Online

But turning corners?……….Hard to enough to push the in the market

Arturo Alejandro Medina Varas

Formidable, moves and is functional, I am happy, thank you for originality friend

Marlene Pastella

That’s creative!

Ursula Nebel

…zum stüüüre chli chnorzig !!!…

Keener Creations by Sue Keener

I suspect one could use on of those collapsible ‘granny buggies’ too. With a couple clamps to keep it closed in transit, it would be less bulky in the frontend and easier to turn – maybe?

Dora Rosen

pretty smart idea

Mark Kosciukiewicz

My job site skate/work cart.

Lama Ri

Pour tourner, ça doit être dur…

Lola Rafia

Ce modèle me paraît plus intéressant avec 3grandes roues ..?

Flip Mode

Andreas Jener so einfach

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