Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Do you know that mostly everything on bikes could be recycled or upcycled? Discover what you can do with your old bikes & bike parts and reuse your ancient and unused bicycles into something originals! Never throw away your old bikes, a treasure maybe waiting for you!

Bike Cart

By Neodim

++ The instructable

Bikestand Made of Recycled Tires

By Neodim

Old tires reused into bike stand! Ingenious!

The Bike Mower !

By Neodim

Reuse a bike into the coolest mower on earth! :)

Recycled Wheelchairs

By Neodim

Very good idea from Lui Nan, from “Lycée Leonard de Vinci in Villefontaine“. Working on reusing mostly bike parts to make wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

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