Cycle Sign Strap

Cycle Signs are made from the offcuts of reflective road signs used by Trent Jansen to create his Sign Stools. The reused road signs used to construct the Cycle Signs come complete with all the characteristics of their previous life, including reflective vinyl labels and the odd evidence of their life by the roadside. This not only provides character but tells the life story of this road sign, serving its public duty on the freeway.

Cycle Sign Strap 1 • Accessories
Cycle Sign Strap 2 • Accessories
Cycle Sign Strap 3 • Accessories

++ Available at CycleStyle website for 14.90$ !

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An carol
An carol

Especial i need thought . Inspire me to DIY .

Bambang PE
Bambang PE

Yes, this idea make me to redesign my boring bike…

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