Dragon Wire Sculpture

Lisa Brunetta makes sculptures with recycled copper electrical wire, metal, plastic and other recycled materials. Dragon has a wire window screening skin, bike wheel legs, bike fender horns and telephone cable teeth. Find more of Lisa’s creations at Lisa Brunetta website !


Others dragon sculptures:

Dragon Wire Sculpture 2 • Recycled Art
Dragon Wire Sculpture 3 • Recycled Art

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Nan Whetstone via Facebook
Nan Whetstone via Facebook

I’ve been making baskets and hooks for my house out of electrical and household wire for years. At least my stuff is useful!!

Lisa Brunetta via Facebook

It’s true – the ideas springing out of my mind tend towards the sculptural, not the practical. I do gobble up a large amount of recycled materials when I sculpt. I’m happy you’re recycling, Nan!

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