Binary Coffee Table

Inspired by pallets of obsolete computers and electronics that were collecting dust in a local warehouse. The table structure is made from the metal from computer towers that are riveted together and bent to the proper form. The surface is completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, led screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. The glass from the table was salvaged from an abandoned warehouse.

Binary Coffee Table 1 • Recycled Electronic Waste
Binary Coffee Table 2 • Recycled Electronic Waste
Binary Coffee Table 3 • Recycled Electronic Waste

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Heidi Techmom via Facebook

Ugh, how would you ever dust it??

Eraina Pope-Moller via Facebook
Eraina Pope-Moller via Facebook

Looks good, but what a dust collector.

Barbara Sanders Coulter via Facebook
Barbara Sanders Coulter via Facebook

Compressed air


this is pretty cool…every geek would love that…right?

Fred Sena Designs
Fred Sena Designs

Beautiful! You guys are doing the same kind of art/upcycling as me, but on a vastly different scale :) How long does a project like this take?

Marion Williamson

Imagine catching your shin on that. Ouch. And how the heck would you clean it ??

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