Breathe a New Life to Your Favorite Things

Monotony kills you? Saying goodbye to your grandma’s old commode seems an undoable task so far? Redesigning your old furniture and home decor elements can be a way out! If you don’t think you’ll be able to do it yourself, turn to some of the acclaimed designers for help. The fact that the great majority of them really enjoy what they do will definitely do you good. See how a good old night table or time-worn arm chair turns into something fabulous and unique.


As time goes by, people’s outlook keeps changing constantly. So how do we stay up-to-date? A pinch of humor mixed with some personal approach while you’re working out your individual technique will help you turn pieces of old furniture into something interesting and jazzy, able to cater the tastes of modern society. Painting sun-bleached garage-sale findings with bright colors will help freshen up your interior, especially if you’re not on a million-dollar budget. In fact, you can even try building your own business out of this.


Why send old yet usable pieces of furniture to a landfill if there’s a good chance that a creative person will be able to give it a new lease of life? Old furniture is an abundant source of fresh ideas and inspiration. The quality of timber used in the furniture industry in the old days as well as the knowledge and artistry of previous generations have provided us with an excellent resources for creative upholstering and other types of redesign. Who can resist to a frantic urge of reinventing things you’ve always loved into something undiscovered and at the same time so familiar?

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