Call For Entries: Up-cycle Art and Designs

Get your upcycled and repurposed art and design published in Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycled and Earth-Friendly Designs by Patty K. Wongpakdee.

Art Without Waste is announcing a call for entries for all forward thinking visual communicators from around the world who are working with non-traditional materials and surfaces to create unique upcycled, recycled and green art and designs.

They are looking for designers, illustrators, artists, DIY enthusiasts who have harnessed their creative passion into the materials they manipulate, resulting in dynamic forms that encourage the viewer to perceive discarded items in an entirely new light. Winners will be published in a new showcase series on the Rockport Publisher’s list, which will feature 500 projects—similar to the 1000 series.

To participate:

or visit Facebook:


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