Cannot Escape Cuteness Upcycled Bench

I found this piece in a dumpster, and it was a little ugly. I looked at it and just thought: You will not escape my ideas to make you a cute Upcycled Bench!

Don’t throw it away! Add a dollop of cute, and you’ll end up with a functional and attractive Upcycled Bench!

First, I pulled off the old covering, since it was lifted and damaged anyways. Next, I sanded the wood and painted the entire piece white. I added a little cushion that fit well, and it’s hidden nicely with the lid. Use the hard surface for beverages or games. If you prefer, you can turn it back to a padded surface for your aching feet!

Cannot Escape Cuteness Upcycled Bench 1 • Recycled Furniture
Save money and upcycle instead. This Upcycled Bench looks great transformed with white paint and a fluffy cushion!
Cannot Escape Cuteness Upcycled Bench 3 • Recycled Furniture
Don’t you want to put your feet up? Make this inviting piece of recycled furniture that’s budget-friendly and fashion-forward!
Cannot Escape Cuteness Upcycled Bench 5 • Recycled Furniture
This upcycled bench or footstool can add storage for small items like remote controls, etc.

Cannot Escape Cuteness Upcycled Bench 7 • Recycled Furniture

And if this wasn’t enough upcycling, check out this Rag Chair!  Here’s a Pallet Chaise Lounge that may inspire you too!

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