Cardboard Christmas Surprise

Cfx Inc. owners Chris Frank and Megan Frank wanted to surprise their daughters on Christmas with news of a planned trip to Europe. Being the proprietors of a design/advertising/marketing agency, their creative brains came up with the idea of announcing the news by bringing Europe right to their very own living room. After their daughters went to bed (but before Santa arrived), Chris and Megan transformed their living room from a mid-century modern sitting area to a hotbed of European landmarks and influences. Hand-painted miniatures of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben,

Leaning Tower of Pisa and even a homemade 2-foot tall Eiffel Tower cake were scattered about the room creating a perfect “illustration” of the European adventure that awaited them in the coming summer months. Sweeping clouds, French baguettes, and wrapping paper with twine all added to the homemade decorations.


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