The Carton Rapid Race: Built Your Boat With Recycled Cardboard & Race

The Carton Rapid Race is a derivation canonistic race, where the participants have to build their boats using corrugated cardboard and tape.

The Carton Rapid Race takes place annually in the Piedmont (Italy) during the first weekend of July and is attended by over 15,000 people. The first edition was held in 1991, on the river Orco, in Cuorgnè (Italy). Since 1994 is held on the river Ripa, Regione Sotto la Rocca, Oulx, in Cesana Torinese.

To participate, the rules are strict:

  • Crews from 2 to 4 people are allowed.
  • All the boats must be assembled on the day of the race in two hours, but there is no time limit for the project and the cardboard cut.
  • A maximum of one roll of duct tape, provided by the organization, for each crew member, is allowed.
  • The cardboard should be corrugated brown type with a simple wave or double wave, with no weight limits.
  • The cardboard should not be pre-treated or sealed, or painted in the structural parts.
  • Decorations are permitted above the waterline.

The race length, variable from year to year according to the conditions and within the reach of the river, is approximately 300 meters. The difficulty until 2008 remained between the first and second level of the WW scale. Since 2009 it rose to II / III level WW, including technical barriers specially constructed.

After the race, all the boats are collected to be properly recycled. Participants are required to participate in the collection.

Are you ready to try? You have approximately one year to design your boat for the next race. :)

se mi lego non annego


July 5, 2015: Cardboard rafts race down Fiume Dora Riparia for the 2015 Carton Rapid Race in Cesana, Italy.



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Sue Carol Wilson Thompson

I’m not riding in no card board box

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