by Michelle Topps

The Celtic Fox: Sculpture From Upcycled Horseshoes

Siona – The Celtic Fox goddess was honored for her wisdom and relied upon as a spirit guide for she knows the woods like no other.
Stunning life size fox study created entirely from old horseshoes. Inspired by Celtic artwork the horseshoes have been cleverly woven together to give shape, form and texture to the piece. From the sinewy limbs through the body to the magnificent brush the horseshoes flow into pattern reminiscence of a Celtic Knot. The weave, enhanced by the grooves and the holes in the horseshoes, gives her an ancient, tribal quality. Her Tungsten spine is speckled with gold, and every muscle seems to tremble with anticipation as she is ready to pounce.

The Celtic Fox was created by Andy and Michelle of A&R Metalcraft from horseshoes donated by the Mounted Metropolitan Police as part of the Horseshoes4Hounds range. Metal art and design raising funds and awareness for UK Romanian Dog Rescue. Pictures were taken on location at Old Sarum Castle, Wiltshire by Anthony Wood of Wood Photography.

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Leena Borg

No wau, pitäis vielä hahmotuskykyä parantaa että tohon pääsis

Mirian Rivarola
Mirian Rivarola


Daphne Lehava Stern

Love it Kathe!!! Wouldn’t that be cool!!!!!

Jennylee Desi Rapmund

Drew Pearce

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