Chair Made Out Of 259 Upcycled Mice by Ana Carolina Lima Santos

This chair is called ‘Mona‘ and is designed by Ana Carolina Lima Santos from Curitiba | Brazil. Ana made this chair from 259 old upcycled computer mice to reflect the problem of electronic waste our modern societies are now facing with all that electronic objects around us.
She got for this chair a Honorable Mention in the category sustainability at the Bom Design Awards 2012. On Béhance she says about herself:

Communicative and open minded, having fun finding unconventional solutions to problems in the simplest way possible!

She describes this chair as this:

The Mona chair is an ironic vision, trying to cause the user to reflect about the rampant use of electronic objects and what to do with them after disposal. Built with 259 mice on a recycled wood structure, the intention is not to propose a closed solution, but invite you to experience the feeling of ‘sitting on the problem’, seeing and feeling the heap of garbage we throw under our rugs. Showing it while we do not see it, but it’s there and that there are possibilities to reuse it rather than leave it in a corner.




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Julie Nemethy

I don’t think so

Marcie A Rosenzweig

Interesting art piece but certainly not a comfortable chair.


The recycling of a consumer society ! Very nice !!!

Barbara Lott

wie cool!!!! (y)

Dominique Colombier Filonczuk

Ça doit un peut faire mal aux fesses

Rude Record

Greenpower Recycling an idea for all those decommissioned mices.

Olivier OR

et on la branche où la gégène ?

Charla Ceansky

Aimee Bovara…wow…we need one of these…

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