by Joan Byrd

Recycled Tire & Inner Tube Wearable Dress

I use discarded inner tubes that I find in our parks by the river. I also use used bike parts. The only thing new on all items is the thread and the glue. The green corset has new brads on the bra cups. Everything else is reused down to the beads and belt buckles. The pleated black skirt fits sizes 4 thru 14. I hand cut and punched every hole to make the florets/belt loops. I used three different tubes for different textures. The green corset is made with the mesh on the bottoms of two tubes, a green tube and bike tubes. The back laces up w. bike tube cut thin. The green corset also has valve stems on the bra cups. The red corset has hand punched/cut “lace” The back laces up w/really thin cut bicycle inner tubes. I get my bike tubes from the trash at our local bike shops.In the picture of the red and black corset she is also wearing a skirt made w/ a river tube and bike tubes. That skirt fits sizes 6 thru 12.



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