by Mr. Gaumond

Creation Of Elías Cuadrado: Upcycled Art Made With Car Pieces

The Online Art Gallery Gaumond Art, exhibits the unique furniture made with car pieces. Incredible designs, unique pieces for selective halls, restaurants, hotels, expositions, social affairs, international conferences, etc.

Made by Elias Cuadrado, the Creator of this Art Work.

In the web page we can read:

The upcycling art covers all styles of art, as this characteristic refers to the materials used, regardless of the type of final composition. It is an art triple positive: 1. encourages the artist to find attractive and original works, 2. at the same time as they are for being manufactured with materials reused, 3. has an impact in favor of nature and the environment.

In Gaumond Art, we conceive the upcycling art as the artistic expression of an evolution of materials, as a demonstration of the potential that lies under the guise of a material that at first glance might seem disposable.

Therefore, this plasma and manifested in the work an innovative, creative and revolutionary artist who appreciates the uniqueness of each material to renew and adapt to a new work which will acquire a new function and, often, more beauty.

It is conceived that the materials never really die, it’s an art to give life more beautiful, that the “function” of a material need not be the one which was initially designed, it can change completely.

Thus, the artist who works in the above-recycled art transforms the appearance: of something “ugly” can get something beautiful, something “useless” you can get something useful. Exceeding the common vision requires considering the material like new despite being old, without considering for what it was used previously.

In Gaumond Art, artists seek to develop this concept and bring it to its logical conclusion, that open new horizons in what can be achieved with re-used material which exceed any limit artistic imagination. We seek out artists who usually, they can be champions of this new art.



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