Diy: Macaron Purses

Diy: Macaron Purses 1 • Clothing

Diy: Macaron Purses 2 • Clothing

Lovely idea! Perfect for your coins or to offer a wedding ring!


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Silvia Zoni via Facebook

belli belli

Loli Demeda via Facebook

Eu quero!!!

Nikoletta Balázsová via Facebook
Nikoletta Balázsová via Facebook

omg, i want it ! so cute *.*

Manda Barrett

They remind me of macarons.

Suzie Huntington

So cute! :-)

Darcie Lueth

Cute, I guess whatever they are.

Bilal Arshad

What is the circular thing?

Gina Constantini Rubio


Jesse Stout

Coin purses that look like French Macarons. How cute.

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