Diy: How to Make a Pallet Wood Planter Box

This planter made from recycled pallet wood is an easy project that you could make in one day and for a cost near to nothing. Pallet wood is easy to find and can make a great planter box. The video below will show you how to make a pallet planter box in a few simple steps and you can use this planter box for vegetables, flowers, whatever you fancy. This DIY pallet wood planter is a simple project and much cheaper than buying a planter box at the store! And before starting your project, check if your pallet is safe to grow vegetables.


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Jane Clark

But unless you know for sure what the wood contains, don’t plant food in it.

Reply to  Jane Clark

If it has HT anywhere on it, it is safe to use for planters and indoor projects. If it doesn’t, it is pesticide treated instead of heat treated (HT).

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