Repurposed Pallet Headboard

Repurposed Pallet Headboard 1 • Recycled Pallets

Repurposed Pallet Headboard 2 • Recycled Pallets

Here is one of the best easy way to reuse a wooden pallet. You just have to be sure that your pallet wasn’t treated with chemical. You could find more information on pallet safety at 1001Pallets.

++ Stylizimo

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Karen Lockinger Greenberg via Facebook
Karen Lockinger Greenberg via Facebook

I love it! This would totally fit in to the way my house is decorated.

Eileen Velasquez

Patrick Hendrix. I like this headboard.

Patrick Hendrix

Looks like it’s just a pallet turned on it’s side.

France Blanchard

J’adore…..j’aimerais …;-)

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