Diy Video Tutorial: Altoids Robot Army Can Be Yours!

Here’s how to assemble a small Altoids Robot from a breath mint tin. You don’t need expensive tools or have an engineering degree to build this project!

Let the Altoids Robot Army RISE and conquer your children’s toybox!

This assembly is a straightforward build that anyone can complete. The attached tutorial will give you the main phases. First, you must pierce the tin and screw the various elements to manufacture a small character. Have fun now!

Altoids Robot is a fun upcycling project that you can make with the kids.

This cute little Altoids Robot can be made with the DIY Video Tutorial.

Create an Altoids Robot army!
With only a few pieces of hardware, your Robot army rises!
Altoids Robot armies can be made with altoids tins and basic tools & supplies.
You need a few ordinary tools and some mint tins!

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great video. you make it look easy!

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