Diy Video Tutorial: Taking Cuttings From Plants!

Have you ever taken a cutting from a plant, but it suffered the fate of the dreaded “brown-thumb”? can turn that brown thumb to a green thumb simply: Learn the easy way for Taking Cuttings From Plants!

Taking Cuttings From Plants is easier than you think! Let teach you how!

Check out this great DIY Video Tutorial to make your garden grow!

Taking Cuttings From Plants - list of supplies you'll need to properly take cuttings.
The list is pretty simple. You don’t need a lot of specialty items!
Taking Cuttings From Plants - examples of common plants and herbs that may be suitable for cuttings.
Roses, Herbs and more can be great plants to start from cuttings!
Taking Cuttings From Plants - learn where to cut your plants for the best chance of a healthy cutting.
“Mother plant” health and the viability of the cutting will be reviewed – you’ll learn where to cut and how to cut for maximum benefit.
Taking Cuttings From Plants - here's the video you'll be looking for!
What a cool thing to add to your skill set. Learn how to take a cutting from a plant, and maybe start that vertical garden you’ve been dreaming about!

Have you ever seen a Green Chair? Here’s a way to make some Vertical Pallet Gardens!

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